Algoplacer Support

How to Install and run AlgoPlacer?

  1. Download Algoplacer setup Download AlgoPlacer
  2. Run setup As Adminstator
  3. Complete Setup
  4. Open C://Algoplacer Folder and Enter your User Details in User File, Save and Close
  5. Send snapshot of algoplacer window and your name, email and mobile number to [email protected]
  6. 2 Days trail will be activated for 3 clients

Trading Terminal Supported (No API Required)

  1. Kite by zerodha
  2. Nest/ODIN/NOW Coming Soon

How Place Orders Through Amibroker to Trading Terminal Via Amibroker?

Procedure to be Followed before Pre_Order Placement.
  1. Download Include file Download Include File
  2. Paste Include File in "C://Program Files/Amibroker/Formulas/Include" Folder.
Procedure for order coding in AFL
Order Parameters
# Order Parameters Options Input Type
1 AP_SYMBOL Any Trading Symbols string - ACC, ACC19JUNFUT, SBIN19JUN360CE, CRUDEOILM19JUNFUT Default Value - Blank
2 AP_TRANS_TYPE BUY or SELL string - "BUY" or "SELL" Default Value - Blank
3 AP_PRODUCT CNC, MIS, NRML string - "CNC" or "MIS" or "NRML" Default Value - "CNC"
4 AP_ORDER_TYPE MARKET, LIMIT, SL and SL-M string -"MARKET" or "LIMIT" or "SL" or "SL-M" Default Value - "MARKET"
5 AP_QTY ORDER QTY integer - 5 or 100 Default Value - 1
6 AP_TRGPRICE Any Trigger Price integer - Trigger Price within Ciruit Limits Default Value - 0
7 AP_PRICE ORDER Price Price or Limit order Default Value - 0
8 AP_EXCHANGE "NSE" or "NFO" or "CDS" or "MCX" string - put correct exchange in order type Default - "NSE"
9 AP_VALIDITY "DAY" or "IOC" string - Default Value - "DAY"
10 AP_VARIETY "regular" or "bo" or "co" or "amo" string - For bo and co Compulory Product "MIS" Default Value - "regular"
11 AP_TARGET Target in Points (Absolute) integer - Not price for only in Points and for bo order only
12 AP_STOPLOSS Stoploss in Points in Points (Absolute) integer - Not price for only in Points and for bo order only
13 AP_TRAILSTOP TrailStoploss in Points in Points (Absolute) integer - Not price for only in Points and for bo order only
14 AP_DIS_QTY "Optional" integer - Default Value - 0
15 AP_LTP Live Price (lastvalue Close) Do Not Change Values
16 AP_LOTSIZE Lot size for FUT and Options integer - To be read from csv file file will be given

Order Types and AFL Code

CNC Order - AP_EXCHANGE("NSE" or "BSE" Only)


Bracket Order- AP_ORDER_TYPE(LIMIT Only)

Cover Order- AP_ORDER_TYPE("LIMIT" or "MARKET") and AP_TRGPRICE is Stoploss

Amibroker Strategy Coding (AFL) Support

  1. We also provide strategy coding support for amibroker afl language
  2. Min Charges are 5000/- per strategy with autotrading coded(May Increase due Complexity of Code)

Amibroker Sample Strategies for Autotrading

  1. Crude Mini 6 EMA cross Over Strategy
  2. Supertrend Autotrading Strategy

Amibroker Sample Strategies for Manual Order Placement

  • Download Manual Order Placement AFL Click Here

  • For Demo(paid) and Amibroker Setup and Strategy Coding Contact on Below

    For more details email- [email protected] Call or Whatsapp - +91-8600908821

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