Auto Order Placement on Trading Terminal

What is Algoplacer?

Algoplacer is software that can place orders to trading terminals via signal generated by Amibroker. It can place orders to single or multiple clients. It currently supports Kite by Zerodha.


  1. No API required
  2. Multiple clients order placement
  3. All types of orders can be placed like CNC,NRML,MIS,BO,CO.
  4. Amibroker strategy coding support is provided (Charges May Apply)
  5. Visit Support Page for Instalation and Demo Strategies.

Pricing :

No. of Clients 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Single Client User 500 1500 3000 6000
Multiclient(per client) 500 1500 3000 6000

For more details email- [email protected] Call or Whatsapp - +91-8600908821

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